Gandhi – From The Eyes Of a 7 Year Old

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Gandhi – From The Eyes Of a 7 Year Old

Gandhi – From The Eyes Of a 7 Year Old

It is interesting to know how a 7 year old perceives Mahatma Gandhi. The other day Shantanu, my son, asked me: ‘Do you know why Gandhiji is so famous?’

I was amused by the way he used the word ‘famous’.

‘No!’ I answered, ‘You tell me…’

‘Because they beat him up with lathi, locked him up in jail, still he remained positive and he had angel thoughts,’ the kid explained.

I smiled some more. Shantanu has learnt about ‘angel thoughts’ and ‘devil thoughts’ in his EQ class.

I gave him a bear hug.

His kiddy perception and understanding of Gandhi was just perfect!

in pictures: Shantanu at home – the mobile pics taken some two years ago)

૦૦૦ ૦૦૦ ૦૦૦

– Shishir Ramavat

( Note – This Article is Originaly Written in Year 2010 )


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