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Writer’s Space

There is So many Article’s, Stories’ and Novel’s and Literature included in this part of Portal. You can Read So many different language and different type of content written by so many new and Known writers literature available at your Finger Tips.

Poet’s Corner

There is so many Poetries Around the World. is as a Platform we are working and Connected with many Poet’s. You can read So many different language and different type’s of content written by so many new and Known Poet.

Editor’s Desk

As a Editor’s Desk, Here you can find so many Things related to the Web Page or things are need to be clarify. You can read So many different type of content related to present Condition’s and relatable view Point’s of the Relatable subjects. Just read Editor’s Desk Part of Site to Understand


Here you can read so many articles related to the entertainment industries. Bollywood, Dhollywood, Hollywood, Sandalwood, Kollywood, Tollywood and South Cinema. Included all the articles with Film Industry. Like Film Review’s, Film Critics, Actress & Actor related Content.

Different Way

Different way is representing the exclusive content available on platform. You can find so many interesting and occasional content over the categories. Different way is also a Way different as name suggest. Just dive into in and Find the so many Realistic Content posted in it.

History & Mystery

Articles you can read here is Connected With History of India and Ancient Era. So many Historical Subject as well as Mysterious facts around us is Falls under this categories. Historical Facts, Indian History, Rajasthan and Gujarat History as well as Famous Personality of the Ancient era also Available to known for all.

Religion & Divinity

Religion and Divinity is the Essence of our Country as well as our the World. You can find many religion view Points, Divinity related Content, Well Known Religion related or Described Content which is Directly or indirectly representing the Culture, Religion Entity and Divinity / Divine way of life.

Travelling On

Travelling On is the categories, With bunch of Articles represent the Travelling Experience and Real Life Fun facts about the Different places around the world. Global information, Ancient places around the world, Famous Places, Geographical Information as well as many other things with fun and Excitement of Travelling Experience to…

Kavyagoshthi Magazine

Kavyagoshthi E-Magazine is its own way to Contributing to the Literature of Gujarati, Hindi and English Language. You may Enjoy the Essence of Native Literature from the different Writer & Poet’s as well as Languages. After Publishing 14+ Issues in magazine, Kavyagoshthi is Still Available with the Different Name as Sarjak.

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