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Essential Thanks Giving

To the most Incredible, Important and Amazing Three Musketeers of my Life

Before starting anything, everyone should need to convince the family first or Behind every successful Journey there is so many supportive or Mentors from family. For me it’s all of my family members. Most Actively I am inspired by “Three Musketeers” of my life. Dad, Mom and Grandpa.

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Pitashree, He is my superhero. Despite his lack of education, he worked tirelessly to provide for his family and support our education.

His dedication and sacrifices laid the foundation for my success, and I owe everything to him. Without his guidance and unwavering commitment, I wouldn’t be where I am today. He is the true hero of my life, and I am forever grateful for everything he has done for me.

Frame No. 1 for Titale
Frame No. 1 for Titale

Matashree, She is another goddess in my life. She was the unwavering support after my father and he always believed in her.

Despite facing abandonment and difficult living conditions, my mother’s advice and guidance have always been invaluable. Her contributions to my life are immeasurable, and I owe my success to her sacrifices and hard work. I have witnessed firsthand the hardships they endured, and it has made me who I am today.

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Frame No. 1 for Titale

Dadashree, my cultural and social root, was an old-fashioned thinker whose wisdom surpassed that of educated people today.

His belief in the importance of education has been instrumental in shaping my life. He taught me that education, especially one that connects you to your roots, family, and society, is the most valuable possession. As he once said, “Every object in life is disposable, but education is priceless and cannot be taken away.

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Krishna Vasudev Yadava - Contributor of the

Pillar of the Knowledge and Enlightenment

Krishna Vasudev Yadava

Krishna is the always with me to helping by the enlightenment of mind, Peace and Divine way of thinking, acting and learning the things which is required to be. So, I can not go ahead without including his name into my journey of this platform too. The pleasure of walk or talk with him is a Great and awesome feeling of life, which can be impossible to express in words for me. I can only feel it or live it with as it is.

Delightful mind is always a key to learn, accept or act for anything in life. for the every knowledge and lessons of my life is solely inspired by him only. I know that putting his name here is may be Awkward to understand for the readers of this blog or content, But i can not denied the role of him in the journey of Sarjak. When no one is around me to understand or i stuck in between work life balance, Social life balance and Handling the thing what i am doing with Sarjak. He is the one, who invisibly helping me to come out from the all dark clouds of my life or feelings.

May be for you all, Krishna is a religious person or God. But for me he is a Soulmate, Divinity, spirituality and Inner peace. He is a more then god form, he is a living Soul live inside me. So he is a one of the important contributor in the journey of Sarjak.

Editor in Chief, Writer & Founder

Sultan Singh

Sultan Singh is a Founder and Editor of the Sarjak Platform. By the Profession he is a Freelance Project Management, Lean Management and Six Sigma management Expert. He has also the Hands on Expertise in digital marketing, Social Media Marketing and Management as well as ecommerce management.

He is Handling all the Activity of For being in touch with literature world, he started the working with it. Sarjak is the only platform to connect the Passion, Vision and hobby for him. That’s the reason he is never Compromised with the Sarjak and the Non-commercial way of it, for Earning money.

He is a Well versed with Writing skills too in Gujarati and Hindi Language. Before Sarjak he is also write with Matrubharati, Pratilipi, Blogs and Many other online literature platforms. Articles, Poetries, Novels and Useful stuff is his basic writing Expertise.

For More about him… Just be a Part of his Journey toward the Native literature World with Way of Sarjak…

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Contributors & Writer / Poet

For the Success of any Act or Effort, There is So many direct and indirect working things are responsible for running it properly. As the view point of Sarjak, Editor is not only the person that provides you all the content for read. He is just a Person who can manage it for you. So, Now here we are Thanking you to the all contributors of the Sarjak. No matter How type it is, as a Writer, as a Poet or as any tipe of Content Contributed in it.

For a Poetry related Literature available on Sarjak, there is some of Name as per here we Provided. I can not Put every name from Contributors in Poetry literature here, due to lack of time and Space. But, Some of most contributed ones name are here. Laxmi Dobariya, Rekha Patel ‘Vinodini’, Kiran Piyush Shah, Prafulla Shah, Anil Chavda, Siddik Bharuchi, Mittal Khetani, Chintan Maheta, Bhavin Desai and Many more too come soon in list.

For a Article, Story and Other Prose related Literature available on Sarjak, there is some of Name as per here we Provided. As same as above, I can not Put every name from Contributors in prose literature here, due to lack of time and Space. But, Some of most contributed ones name are here. Tushar Dave, Mayur Khavadu, Janamejay Adhwaryu, Shishir Ramavat, Bhagirath Jogia, Mansi Vaghela, Bhavik Radadiya, Chintan Upadhyay, Jay Gohil, Umesh amin, Hardik Raval, Hardik Langhnoja and Many more too come soon in list. is a Vision and Brain Child of Founder Sultan Singh. Aim to Start the Sarjak is just to provide a Free and Open Platform to Every Writer around us, who want to share their Writing with the others. Sharing the Knowledge based content, Historical, Mythological, Mysterious, Educational, Motivational, Ancient or archeological facts and thoughts as well as writing about all. Due to its non-Profitability way, there is no one is connected with us for a Long Term. Many Contributors are connected with Sarjak. Sarjak is always thankful to its Contributors, Readers, Writers and Supporters too. They are the only reason behind stand alone entity in literature World for Sarjak.

– Sultan Singh

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