About us

Hello friends,

Welcome to the web-portal of Sarjak (In English its known as Creator – creator of anything)

It’s not just our Site, but it’s a stage for you to share your Creative work with many peoples around the world.

As we all know, that everyone has at least one different skill & talent. But there are so many reasons around us, that we cannot share with everyone even though we have burning desires to fulfill it. The most important difficulty is to get the opportunity or the stage. Because of which we are ignoring our own art or skill. There are also many people who want to show their skills against others. But there is no platform that can help them in this, or identify the creation within them. Many people are found around us in our day to day life. The ones in which there is something really that is not in everyone. So, we can encourage those people to come forward too. If there is such a thing around you then you can tell us about this.

If you have something in yourself or around you, then even you can tell us in any manner. So that we can try to do something good about it. The Sarjak will always be with you to bring your Creative work and ability to face the people.

However, we do not pay anyone for our effort. But, in return, we have not kept any expectations of any return. We are not a buyer and we are not even sellers, we are just guiding. We will give you an opportunity to open up on the world’s face by considering your creation. If you want to join this trip then you can join us.

Your creation is always yours, even today and in the coming days. No rights or restrictions are imposed on you. Even after you join, your creations are free to present your position at any place. Our task is to give a startup only. This route is yours, and the success here will be your own …

It’s based on who you want to present on our stage …?

So, the answer is A to Z, the choice is your own.

-: Way of Sarjak: –

Sarjak Group is a platform that is working with creative peoples in the modern era of literature in the 21st Century, through the digital medium of the web-world. From which compilation of masterpieces is also done every month as a magazine form. (currently not working on magazine.) The Sarjak himself is a form of reincarnation of Kavygoshthi group itself. The basic purpose of the Kavygoshthi group was to give a chances to people belonging to literature, in a periodical form. However, in the absence of time and team, the form of Kavygoshthi has been slightly troubled, it will not be said to fall apart. Because it was the preachers for a new beginning. In the form of Sarjak group, Kavygoshthi is once again alive. The Sarjak magazine will be working on same way in the coming times…

Our main objective is to always provide the medium to show their creativity to the new peoples. The conceptual idea of creating a platform by Kavygoshthi E-magazine was set in late 2015. But it took eight months to get the form of real e-magazine, and finally, in the end of September, the first issue of the magazine was released in the form of eBooks. Then with a running time at the end of each month, Kavygoshthi E-magazine kept on reading timely readers.

Our main objective is to reach only the literary and literary texts as far as the present time, more than that, to reach the audience’s door through a digital magazine form. All associates belonging to Kavygoshthi were also somewhere confined to literature. There is no famous or well-known poet, nor any celebrity. But yes, all of our youngest family members were learners. Walking on the way of life, the eyes of the eyes, the emotional words, the writers and the mysterious secrets of life, learn about the events happening in the present-day world. Someone knows a bit more, there is a relationship between some but all. The name is the creation relationship, which is more of emotion, vibration, feeling and sensation than the laws and the rules. Not everyone is the creator in every real life, but yes, the creator’s life is alive within everyone. In the middle of life, still breathing, learning and walking are just a small child. Just because of this element, everyone can write down their voice. Just like that, in our family. Our intelligent family is not limited to just Gujarat, it is also associated with creator creatures living in foreign countries like America. This group is a mirror, every vibration, every emotion, every euphoria, every moment, and of the nine creators …

We cannot yet fully and properly qualify. But yes, something new and doing something good, for our mother tongue, in our literature, we are also contributing a little part to our contribution. We got together here with the realization of satisfaction with the help of the creator.

Every poet and writer friend who has helped visual, invisible, physical, and mentally assisted on the journey of Kavygoshthi, has always been indebted. And the hope that the creator group will continue to provide valuable time and advice in the coming times.

Destination from Kavygoshthi to Sarjak

Kavygoshthi is not an organization, so it is clear that the Sarjak Group is not an organization too. Creator is not an organization, not a mass, not a party, but the Sarjak group is the idea. This idea is primarily linked to the creation. The creator of this creator is constantly looking for the creation of the creator, who is composed and lingering with the surgeon. The journey started by Kavygoshthi has come to the creator right now. The online magazine, which started in September of 2016, dropped after 14 points. Because there was a lot of that which was still missing in it. Once again, the creator group is ready to advance the same …

How its start: –

Usually, each task begins with a spark raised from the inside. The beginning of the Kavygoshthi group is similar to that of a spark, and the Creator Group is also a part of the same spark. A dream to become supportive since childhood was a mind-boggling, perhaps it was hereditary. Dad and Mom also always say that if the problems we suffer are not to suffer our future, then we can count on it as the biggest success and help.

The Kavygoshthi group, which started in September 2016, continues its journey even after 14-digit publication. And further, it will continue through the creator group …

stay connected …

Thank you …

Team Members : –

Editor & Founder :- Sultan Singh