The devil’s double

now in this day’s Indian political system becomes the drama of Chetan Bhagat. but story plot is different, bhagat has Krishna and our politicians has ram and another thing I add mandir.

lecture! in another Word we call it “bhashanbaaji.” alluddin khilji play “bacchabaaji” and now we have “bhashanbaaji.” many years ago or once upon a time in India there was a chankya, who wrote book about human psychology and politics. he trains his students just his speech. and then after came rural although Muslim rural who give disquisition for his army and they fought and won. then came some biggest saints. it not means I am taking about Gujarati Literature’s poet shyaam sadhu. but many poets transfer himself as sadhu. in my mountain hometown Junagadh. we have different type of Valentine, youngsters of my town became saint because they disappointed in Love and then he disappears. dibakar sir make movie love sex or dhokha, and he never gives credits to my hometown’s youth. I disappoint!!!

few days back I heard something. it’s pakoda and gathiya. open my Facebook and look at there was many delicious one liner. Zuckerberg don’t know Gujarati otherwise he would announce two major emoji. gathiya and pakoda. one for ahemdabadi second for kathiyawadi. and then Facebook become cholesterol book. Zuckerberg becomes thin to fat…!!

now we have biggest president, and his name… (don’t speak his name otherwise he starts his lectures) …. yesterday he calls congress renuka Ben the devil of series Ramayana because she laughs not like demon of serial but modern time Ramayana- reality show. in to the strangle came out the voice and she became not demon but Farah Khan. I experience it!

now again we talk about president. he delivered two lectures, one was just 1 hour and 6 minutes. and second was 1 and half hours. why president west his time? yesterday there was two show of circus. show must go on, audience had to entertain, and Congress had had to listen.

another thing I mark that our president is not just time traveler! he also delivered some shayari of Bashir badra. thank god Bashir wasn’t alive!

what I see you never imagine. president delivered the speech and all his fellow become mighty Thor on table. it looks like minions are prepare for war.

70 years of independence Congress showing Poison in India. Say president, oh! thank god we alive. because of baba Ramdev who expire poison before it blasts like his Patanjali Himalaya Namak!!!

~ Mayur Khavdu

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